Spiritual Thieves

I know plenty of people under attack fear that going to someone will cost lots of money or they will get trapped in unnecessary spending because they are scared and vulnerable. I am not afraid to brag but if you are a practitioner worth your salt, the spirits will let you know if the person should even be charged or if they should even have any altar work done. Believe or not our trials and tribulations are overseen by God and in order to ascend we just have to live through it and let it become a testament to our strength.

I, myself, have gone through the desperation of wanting quick results and it led me to three charlatans. One of which tried to blackmail me, yes blackmail. It made me snap out of my depression and desperation and find my power. The second one was a gypsy that caught me on a bad day with a $10 reading. Her shop burned down and hand to God it wasn’t me. Apparently, she was a well-known scammer that stole thousands of dollars of gold. The third guy unbeknownst to me was a friend of the enemy causing my problems. I went for a reading, a misa, and then my house flooded. What he said to me after the flood let me know he was in league with the other side. Let’s just say, he no longer practices anything spiritual. I got serious, found my strength, and finished my initiation.

I follow strict laws within my practice. There’s no lying, no cheating, and no misrepresenting. If I cannot help you, I will not say I will. It will not be I need $300 for altar work then $400 for additional for this and that or scare you saying your soul will be in danger. I do not run scams. I am efficient and proficient. Whatever clarity I lack, it’s because you are not ready or it is not within my scope to tell you yet. I am a holistic spiritual counselor with the capability to see the big picture; that is if you are ready to be whole. Are you ready to be whole, focused, and free? If yes solitinc1@gmail or 718-644-4003. Let’s work together. 

DISCLAIMER: My spiritual intuitiveness does not replace a doctor’s advice.