Spiritually – I want to start by saying being spiritual is putting in the work to grow. It is seeing all aspects of your self during that time to know the truth. The truth in healing. And most importantly, it is not easy. Its work & dedication to fall in love with what’s provided to you and for you. From my experience, to spiritually working side by side with Tam. I began to see the beauty within me. The abundance of knowing I am never alone. This journey in this life and the work that continues to help me grow as an individual. Tamara and I crossed paths for us to learn and grow. I am forever thankful for her! If you are seeking to see more beyond, never doubt Tam would guide you in truth & love! 
Readings – When I received my reading from Tam, let’s just say words of honesty. She has been by my side for over a year now. Every step, every doubt, fear, or worry, had a truth. No matter what, it was good, bad, or ugly. Her work delivers integrity. Things happened, made sense, and added up to be what she said & knew — a mother figure in my life whose wings wrapped around me.
Hair Products – Hair Growth at its finest! Honestly, to say, I was the girl who wore a weave. A weave that was placed in over and over. No break, hard pulling to get it out! “Ouch & ooo Girl you crazy” is the same thing I said to myself. Till one day, I said I have enough! Let’s just say “Blessings in a bottle” Tam provided me with her Hair oil. My hair at first was a hot mess — no volume, dead ends, uneven length, and brittle to beautiful hair. Between 2 to 6 months, my beautiful hair was back. Growing with length and volume. I never felt even better & confident about me.

Thanks to Tam! I was able to ditch my weave and say hello to a new Me!

V. Rosas, PA

I have used the hair oils, body scrubs, and lotions. Let tell you all about it, first the body scrub smells delicious and is very soothing. It totally exfoliates your body while leaving a nice shine to my skin. It has made my skin feel extra soft. I love fact that I customize the scents.


The hair oils work extremely well. It is not too heavy, so it will not weigh my hair down. It has helped to promote growth especially is my trouble areas. It is very moisture retentive and has revived my scalp in comparison to other oils that have used. My hair is no longer limp and brittle.


The lotions: again, I am really big on smells and so I like the fact that I can put it on and my skin stay soft and shiny. I love the fact I can walk in the room and people will ask me what I am wearing without the scent overpowering the room or setting off someone allergies.


Zee, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I am currently in pre-menopause phase and have noticed my hair was thinning tremendously. I have had dreads for over 8 years and I did not expect that I would experience hair loss. However, I did and it has been a devastating roller coaster ride. I tried all kinds of oils; conditioners and I didn’t really see any improvement.   Until I told my neighbor about my hair loss situation and she recommended a hair growth oil that she created.  I’ve been using this oil for well over 6 months religiously and my hair growth has improved. I’m in the process of taking my dreads out, and it’s a slow process, but I’ve been using the hair growth oil as a hot oil conditioner and as an emollient for my scalp.  I am pleased to say that my hair is growing well, and I feel good about myself again. 

Thanks Tamara!


Tawana, New York, NY



I just want to thank Tam for all of her services she’s provided for me (bespoke baths, custom candles and altar work). She handled all of my requests with ease. Her communication skills are superb, answering all of my questions and concerns. I was having problems at work and she was able to assist me in resolving them. Thanks to her work ethic and results, she has a lifetime customer. 


Nikki, New Jersey