Something for Everyone

I offer a wide variety of services to meet your needs. If you need a service that isn’t listed here, please contact me. I’ve worked on a variety of unique projects. I have heard and seen a variety of natural and supernatural do not be intimidated or embarrassed to reach out. Please call for rates.                         718-644-4003

Counseling Services

Prayer & Healing

Starts at $25 

  • 15 min 


Starts at $37 

  • 1/2 Hour
  • 1 Hour


Starts at $222

  • 60 min
  • 90 min
  • 120 min
  • Monthly/Custom (Email for cost)

Work Group/Family

Starts at $333

  • 60 min
  • 90 min
  • 120 min
  • Monthly/Custom

(Email for cost) 

Event Services


Available for parties and gatherings. The host gets their reading for FREE. Email/Call for more information.

Starts at $444


Starts at $222 


Home/Office/Land Blessing



Whether you have just purchased a home or moved into a new apartment or any variation where you are going into a new environment. It is best to clear your space. You can do this on your own but sometimes you need help. Imagine putting your life saving into a new place only to find that it is consumed with bad energies that are draining your mental well-being as well as your finances. Rates vary per place. Email or call for rates.

Baby Blessings/Baptisms/Naming Ceremonies

Can be as simple or as decorated as you like!



My babies are my favourite kind of people! I perform blessings, baptismal, and naming ceremonies. Email/Call for rates.

Starts at $222 


Officiant Services



Sign Your License Service $88.88 



Based on my availability on a week-to-week basis. There is no ceremony, I will take you through a very simple “I Do” and then “Sign Here.” You’ll be required to bring at least one witness, and to meet at a location near me. This option is for couples who can’t get to City Hall, or only have time on weekends, or want to complete the paperwork before a destination wedding.

Simple Ceremony $111



A short and sweet traditional ceremony of about 30 minutes. I will ask you via email for basic details such as the style of ceremony you prefer (civil or spiritual) and style of vows (traditional, modern, or bring your own). Offered only on weekdays –  daytime.



$222 – 333 


Elaborate Ceremonies $333


Ideal for destination wedding couples from all over the world getting married in New York City. Prior to your wedding date, we’ll meet in person, or via email, or Skype to talk about your plans to get married in NYC. Based on our interview, I will compose a customized ceremony that suits your unique celebration style (civil, spiritual, cultural, or faith-based). This may include your choice of readings or rituals, your love story, your classic, or personalized vows. Add $111 for weekends.

For all packages:

I’ll advise you on when and how to get your marriage license, and I will file it on your behalf. Please call to arrange times, dates, and payment.

I recommend Jah as a wedding photographer. His work speaks for itself, check him out on Instagram or his website.


Energy Services

Altar Work

All Matters of the Heart


Court cases


Generational afflictions




Unhealthy Habits



Energetic Cord Cutting




When you’re done + ready to move forward. (Nothing will work unless you are ready). We can explore why they were formed, how they were nurtured, and how to cut these emotional cords. We can also go about setting boundaries if they have to be apart of your life. Remember the way you feel now will not always be this way.


$5555  $2555

Esoteric Ceremonies


Ancestor Celebrations

Archangel Veneration

Chanting Circles

Drumming Circles

Deity Veneration



Saint Celebrations