Intuitive Counseling (Couples)


The goal of Spiritual Couples Counseling is to deepen and/or re-establish healthy communication, heal grief, anger, and trauma, and facilitate the growth of authentic intimacy.


  • Creates a safe, sacred space for clients to explore past experiences as a couple and current challenges to the relationship
  • Facilitates a discovery process in which both individual and shared goals are identified
  • Promotes intimacy by creating a safe space for communication
  • Aids in re-establishing trust after a crisis
  • Reconnects clients with positive foundational relationship beliefs
  • Provides support in the deconstruction of old, dysfunctional beliefs and the subsequent embracing of new shared truths
  • Identifies and deepens understanding of emotional triggers, ultimately helping to decrease and/or defuse them

Various techniques including breathwork, meditation, and reiki will be used.

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