How to Activate & Program Crystals


How to Activate Crystals

It is best to have already cleared and cleansed as per the previous steps before proceeding. See How to Cleanse your crystals and other spiritual items here.  Once cleared, your crystal is ready to be activated.

1. Natural Energy Activation

Any significant Natural Energy concentration will awaken your crystal. A popular method is leaving your crystals outside during a full moon. You may also do this with the sun, bodies of water, even an open fire. Make sure your crystal can withstand water before immersion. The larger the piece, the more energy required. Placing a crystal on a mountain top is a great way to receive the first rays of New Year’s Day. This is a sure-fire way to prepare it to capture your New Year’s Resolutions with great intensity.

2. Crystal Grids

Place your crystals in a crystal grid to activate and charge them. The sacred geometric shapes of the grid activate the crystals further. Form crystal grids on the ground, in corners of a room. 


3. Large Geodes or Clusters 

This method is very easy and effective. Place your crystals in a large statement piece such as a large geode or cluster. The energy of the larger piece charges your crystal. Explore our collection of large decorator crystals if you are wanting to bring some extra crystal charge into your home!

Once your crystal is cleansed and activated, it is now ready to accept your Programming…

How to Program Crystals

Your crystals have been cleansed and activated and now ready to be programmed. Programming your crystal is the process of aligning the energies of the crystal with the intent you wish to use them for. For example, you can program your crystal to send healing to a specific person or yourself. This may be for protection, love, insight, or support around a particular issue.  Your intent and words should be clear, concise, and meaningful. I try to keep it to three sentences maximum. Please review the examples below. 

Programming Intention Examples:

For Fear/Anxiety: “ My World is safe, bountiful, and welcoming; providing me with guidance, nourishment, and Love”. 

For Meaningful Relationships: “All my Relationships are blessed with respect, love, and Universal Light. Being with another allows me to see, experience, and be received in this Loving Light.” 

For a New Project/Business: “This Project serves to bring Real Abundance at every level. It serves only to fulfill, to nourish, to learn, and to grow.” 

For Abundant Health: “Every cell in my body rings with the Harmony of Universal Love. Health flows through me and from me in all directions. I am the Living Connection between the energies of Heaven and Earth. At every moment I have access to all the energy I need to be strong, bright, and at Peace.”

Now you have cleansed, activated, and programmed your crystals. You may place them in the area(s) you are using them for such as the body, by your bed, cash register, etc.  Any questions please reach out. You’re not alone in your journey. 


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