Spirituality is NOT inherently good. Nor is it inherently bad. It is a tool. It is an important step in evolution. A step that has been left out of “modern scientific” explanations and theories about evolution. Most spiritualists have either been downloaded with or guided with images of past lives and sometimes other worlds. Others research their Akashic records.

I have come back many times. In those lives, I’ve been a shaman/doctor, a lawyer/politician, a warrior/soldier, a policeman, and an actor/playwright. I have been both a man and a woman and have been going at with my mother for lifetimes. Interestingly, it has resulted in my choice of majors: Criminal Justice, Scriptwriting, Intercultural/Organizational Communication, Political Science and Globalisation and Development. And through it all, I have had babas, iyas, padrinos, madrinos, papas, and various teachers. Nothing I’ve done is without a solid basis in a very long past life. Do I feel like I’ve learned my lesson?… Most of the time. :)))

Make no mistake, spirituality is WORK! You will lose sleep, maybe some hair, and definitely friends/family. It’s not an easy road. A shadowy, unpaved road of deep self-reflection and service. A lot of this work in thankless, my family and relatives sleep well at night never knowing the dangers I have thwarted. Which is fine by me notoriety is fickle. So, I am awake at 3:00 am cutting and clearing generational curses and inter-national perversion. Very unglamorous work.

So, when you see those self-care posts about a goddess reading books, incense, and a bath of roses (who’s gonna clean that up?!) it is aesthetic bullshit (don’t pardon my French). I can attest to gray hairs, red eyes, empathic body pains, and headaches from spiritual challenges and trials.

There are highs from completing trials and tribulations. However, graduation is ascension. Meaning that you have passed away this form and are now an ascended master and will not have to return here to complete anymore tasks. 

Yes, I get it, the head wraps are cute and speaking on Oshun is endearing, but there’s work to do.

May the force be with you.



Shadow Work

We tend to view ourselves as good people. In the movie, The Talented Mr. Riley, the main character Tom Ripley says: Well, whatever you do, however terrible, however hurtful, it all makes sense, doesn’t it, in your head. You never meet anybody that thinks they’re a bad person. This is a valid statement. I doubt Mason, Doner, or the Unibomber thought that what they were doing made them a bad person. I can tell you that when you are truly in touch with your shadow self: 

  • You can freely admit your shortcomings. 
  • You have fought with your ego and won
  • You know that there will always be work to do

Keeping a journal about your instances and situations can help you analyze how you can better work with your yin and yang. It is a good way to find out your triggers and access points. I am a fire dragon in Chinese astrology. I burn it all down too quickly at times when I could just simply walk away. I have learned through the years how to add water and quench triggers. 

Many times, shadow work can be a wake call up to close access points. What cannot access you cannot ail you. Spirituality requires shedding mundane strongholds so that you can level-up and live your purpose.

But the most important acknowledgment does require you to confront yourselves. There is a saying that faith without works is dead. This year, 2020 we have seen much death due to avoiding shadow work. The malfunctioning due to the veil thinning has been epic.

Be safe, drink ph balanced water, and work on your yin and yang. 

If you’d like to know more about shadow work I am available for consultations, click here.

May the force be with you.




Cascarilla is a staple item used in Santeria, (Lucumi, La Regla de Ocha). It was one of the first spiritual tools I used when learning this path as an aborisha. Its origin can be traced back to West African religions and efun, a chalk-like substance used for cleansing, purification, and rituals. In the new world, powdered bark was used and then eventually they simplified the process by using ground eggshells.

Eggs are powerful spiritual symbols of life, birth, perfection, and the Universe in nearly every spiritual tradition throughout the world. Some traditions identify the egg as the source of all life, marking the beginning of creation with the hatching of a cosmic or divine egg. The shell of the egg is a hard protective coating that shields a developing life against the dangers of the outside world. Cascarilla creates a protective barrier between the natural and supernatural realms and blocks harmful or destructive forces. 

A good way to detox and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit of negative energy is to add a pinch of Cascarilla powder to a saltwater ritual bath. Cascarilla powder can also be incorporated into candles, incense, and soap to release protection as they are used. It can be used to cast a protective magical circle during rituals or it can be added to mojo bags, sachets, or ritual oils.

To safeguard the home and cleanse negative energy, sprinkle Cascarilla powder on the floor or add a pinch to a floor wash. A small amount of Cascarilla powder can be added to a bowl of water and protective symbols can be drawn on all of the doors, windows, vents, and thresholds to seal and protect the home. Sprinkle Cascarilla powder in the corners of each room, closet, basement, garage, and attic to prevent negative energy and unfriendly spirits from entering. It can also sprinkled in the car or any vehicle for safety and travel protection.

May the force be with you.

 – Tam


about Spiritual Oils


There are 3 ways of how spiritual oils are primarily used:

ANOINTING – Spiritual oils can be used to anoint your body, candles, mojo bags, amulets, talismans, and other personal items.  When spiritual oils are used on personal items and mojo products they enhance the powers of the products and provide extra strength to your desires and wishes.  It is important to concentrate on your desires and wishes while applying the spiritual oils – say a personal prayer or request out loud for maximum results.

CLEANSING – Spiritual oils are often very fragrant and highly concentrated. People often dilute the oils into their baths to wash or bathe in them. This is an alternative to directly applying the oils onto your skin. If you have sensitive skin this is the best approach in anointing or blessing yourself or home with the oils.  Try mixing your spiritual oils in your mop water or cleaning sprays too! Add extra blessings and strength to your cleaning process and use the spiritual oils to cleanse and protect you AND your home! Combining spiritual oils to your mop water or cleaning solutions can rid your home from bad odors, bacteria, and evil vibrations. Cleanse your body and home with spiritual oils to turn your luck around and to acquire extra blessings and protection.

BURNING – Spiritual Oils can be warmed or burned using an Aroma Lamp or Oil Diffuser. Aroma Lamps and Oil Diffusers essentially do the same thing; they heat up the spiritual oils using a tea light candle or an electric heat source like a light bulb. An alternative method of wearing or bathing in spiritual oils is to use to burn them for prayer or meditation purposes. When the spiritual oil heats up it will gradually release specific energies and aromas into your atmosphere. The spiritual oils can be easily mixed in with other natural elements such as incense, herbs, and roots.

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Altar Work

Addictions (Cigarettes, Drugs, Eating, Sex, Shopping)

Adult PTSD (Abusive relationships, soldiers, incidents of great trauma)

Childhood Traumas (Emotional, Physical, Sexual)

Court Cases (Corporate, Criminal, Divorce, Entertainment, Family Court, Landlord/Tenant) 

Evil Eye 👁‍🗨 

Fertility (Assistance getting pregnant)  

Generational Curses (Unholy patterns within a family lineage.

Job/Career (Finding work or moving up in your career)

Love (Finding Love, Marriage, Releasing Love)

Open Road (Unlocking new opportunities)

Altar Work is for the last resort. When have tried everything humanly possible to resolve your issue. This is when you come to spirit and they guide you to me! These services are per basis and distinctly for you.  I work with spirit and they set the prices. You will need a consultation reading first, click here.


Why Should You Pay for Spells?


This is a VERY valid question. If this is something you are capable of doing, why should you delegate it to someone else? There are also other important questions that come into play when considering spellwork.


First consideration: Experience

Do you have the experience and knowledge to carry out your spell? For example, you are working with jinns. This is advanced level training. You should not conjure things that you are incapable of controlling. The effects of calling on a jinn without experimental knowledge can be fatal. It’s best to receive training or go to someone trained to achieve your desired effect.

Second consideration: State of mind

Why are you do this spell? Are you anxious, upset, or depressed? These states of mind can cause you to do something that you later regret. Any spell work should come from a calm, level headed place. All objectives and outcomes should be clear and intentional. 

Third consideration: Is this necessary?

Impatience is a terrible master. If you do not have to, then don’t. With every spell just like anything else in the world, is an exchange, a sacrifice, PAYMENT. Unnecessary spellwork can be VERY expensive. 

An initiated; an ordained spiritual worker has spent long years, studying and mastering energies. Most never share their spells and even if they did you wouldn’t end up with the same outcome.

Storytime: There’s a lady I visit when I need certain things done. Not because I can’t do it. Her work is phenomenal and I don’t have to prepare anything but my attitude. I never ask what, she does, I only thank her for it. However, talk about outcomes! It is never longer than three days before I get the desired outcome. Even doctors need doctors, but that another discussion.

In summation, check your experience, make sure it’s up to par. Figure out why you are wanting or needing spiritual work done. Check your impatience at the door! Nothing good comes from impatience in the spiritual realm. It is never a good idea to play with energies you do not understand. 



Emotional Cord Cutting

We all are energetic beings. We born are born into energetic bonds and we make them throughout our lives. Every time we interact with people, we exchange energy. Some believe that bonds can surpass time and space, we can be tied to someone on the other side of the world or from a different time period. These bonds can be valuable while some are damaging.

The exchanges we make with others that are beneficial, can feel invigorating. While on the other hand there are interactions that are vampiristic or bring out negative characteristics. It is these exchanges that can leave us feeling ashamed, betrayed and desolate.

A lot of these bonds are formed on a subconscious level but live within your psyche. It is like a glass road block, capable of preventing you from living your fullest life even though you can see ways forward.

 When you’re ready to move forward. (Nothing will work unless you are ready). We can explore why, they were formed, how they were nurtured and how to cut these emotional cords. We can also go about setting boundaries if they have to be apart of your life. Remember the way you feel now will not always be this way.

Some techniques include mediation, breathing exercises, visualisations, EFT and letter writing ceremony.

Click here to purchase this service.

Spiritual Thieves

I know plenty of people under attack fear that going to someone will cost lots of money or they will get trapped in unnecessary spending because they are scared and vulnerable. I am not afraid to brag but if you are a practitioner worth your salt, the spirits will let you know if the person should even be charged or if they should even have any altar work done. Believe or not our trials and tribulations are overseen by God and in order to ascend we just have to live through it and let it become a testament to our strength.

I, myself, have gone through the desperation of wanting quick results and it led me to three charlatans. One of which tried to blackmail me, yes blackmail. It made me snap out of my depression and desperation and find my power. The second one was a gypsy that caught me on a bad day with a $10 reading. Her shop burned down and hand to God it wasn’t me. Apparently, she was a well-known scammer that stole thousands of dollars of gold. The third guy unbeknownst to me was a friend of the enemy causing my problems. I went for a reading, a misa, and then my house flooded. What he said to me after the flood let me know he was in league with the other side. Let’s just say, he no longer practices anything spiritual. I got serious, found my strength, and finished my initiation.

I follow strict laws within my practice. There’s no lying, no cheating, and no misrepresenting. If I cannot help you, I will not say I will. It will not be I need $300 for altar work then $400 for additional for this and that or scare you saying your soul will be in danger. I do not run scams. I am efficient and proficient. Whatever clarity I lack, it’s because you are not ready or it is not within my scope to tell you yet. I am a holistic spiritual counselor with the capability to see the big picture; that is if you are ready to be whole. Are you ready to be whole, focused, and free? If yes solitinc1@gmail or 718-644-4003. Let’s work together. 

DISCLAIMER: My spiritual intuitiveness does not replace a doctor’s advice.

Uncertainty and Fear

Every year since 2012, I have been given words that will describe the type of year ahead. I usually divulge with my friends, family, and clients. Now that I have this platform, as I am able to share with a larger audience.

This year was described as: THIS IS a Karma year; a new cycle for some and the end of an old one for others. You shall reap what you have sown, your accumulation of bad deeds and good deeds shall be your judgment. It will be a year of reckoning! I am a firm believer that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. I knew it would be heavy, just not the whole world heavy. Little did I truly understand the type of reckoning we would be facing. It made me want to reconsider announcing yearly descriptions…hey it is what it is and we’re nearly through the rabbit hole.

I know that many of you even the ones who don’t think they have intuitive gifts are having dreams. I encourage you to keep a notebook and pen near you at all times. Dreams/visions/thoughts are at an all-time high. And the creator has been known to use small things to demonstrate great might.

Tonight, I was in meditation and received a bible passage Ecclesiastes 12. The last two verses struck a chord with me. 

13 Now all has been heard;
    here is the conclusion of the matter:
Fear God and keep his commandments,
    for this is the duty of all mankind.
14 For God will bring every deed into judgment,
    including every hidden thing,
    whether it is good or evil.

– Tam


New Moon

At this time the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, so it is not seen from Earth. 

The New Moon marks the time for new beginnings, fresh starts, growth, optimism, starting over, hope and faith. At this time the Moon is positioned between the Earth and the Sun, so it is not seen from Earth. When the Moon is not visible it is regarded as having a clean slate. 

This is a good time for alchemy/meditations concerning stuff like a new diet, a new lifestyle, shifting to a new course of study, starting at a new job, starting over in a new place, or the start of a new relationship.

Waxing Moon

The ‘Waxing’ means the Moons illumination is glowing and the ‘Crescent’ means less than half of the Moon is illuminated.

During this time for undertakings such as building credit, professional accomplishments, creativity, strength, growth and learning, and positive transformation.

Full Moon

The energy of the moon is also at its peak. The Full Moon is the time of abundance, harvest, manifesting desires, sexuality, achievement, and protection. 

This is the best time for consecrating tools, charging jewelry, and wishes like winning a court case, winning a contest, landing a job, getting married, good health, financial prosperity, and healing. It is also the time for spells about spirituality, psychic development, dreams, and divination.

Waning Moon

The energy of the moon is getting weaker. This is the perfect time for letting go, clearing away, cleansing, releasing, shedding old patterns, and undoing bindings. This is a time of personal reflection.

The days just before the Dark of the Moon are best for doing alchemy/meditations for removal of anything that you don’t want from your life like bad habits, stress, negative energies, unsatisfying relationships, unfulfilling jobs, an unhealthy diet, or an anxious and negative mind.

The waning Moon is most beneficial for matters at a stage of consolidation, conservation, and completion. Cutting hair now will make it grow slower. Plant or replant plants that have fruits under the ground.

Dark Moon

The Dark Moon is the time when the moon appears completely covered in darkness. This is the time of rest, relaxation, peace, deep wisdom, powerful banishing, divination.

This is a time to banish negative energies from our lives that we are serious about getting rid of. Any kind of alchemy/meditations you do at this time, you should know, will be VERY strong. Use it for banishing serious things like illnesses of the body and mind.

This time, we accept that we do not know all the answers and that everything that we need to learn will be revealed to us in time– and from that, we should feel peace.

This is a great website to figure out planetary days and times, click here.