Rosemary has been used for centuries in magic spells and is used extensively for cleansing and protection rituals. It is also known for its love and fertility properties. 

Here are some ways to use Rosemary:

  • For a purification bath, boil fresh rosemary  and add cooled rosemary water to your bath water. 
  • For protection against evil, place a bundle of fresh rosemary by the front door.
  • For good dreams, place rosemary leaves  under your pillow. This will also keep unwanted visitations away. 
  • Attract healing energy by burning rosemary leaves over charcoal. Please in a room where someone ill is. 
  • You can also use rosemary oil to make a lasting impression – like a job interview.
  • Draw the perfect mate to you by anointing a red or pink candle with rosemary oil or by wearing  rosemary oil on your neck and wrists.  
  • Cleanse your altar and tools with rosemary oil. Or burn on charcoal and pass items over and through smoke.
  • Improve your memory on exams by carrying rosemary leaves anointed with success oil in a mojo bag. 
  • For fertility, add rosemary leaves to a green mojo bag. Carry with you or hang near your bed.

Rosemary is so much more than a kitchen staple. Together, they can provide a wide array of spiritual protection, love drawing and cleansing for you, your home and your place of business. These two powerful herbs should be a staple in your kitchen as well as your altar.