Mercury Retrograde and the Shadow Period


What is Retrograde? 


(of the apparent motion of a planet) in a reverse direction from normal (from east to west), resulting from the relative orbital progress of the earth and the planet. 


(of the orbit or rotation of a planet or planetary satellite) in a reverse direction from that normal in the solar system. 

Alas, it doesn’t just end there. There is a shadow period before and after retrograde. Luckily for me, all my electronics and a vehicle died in the shadow period and were quickly replaced before everything went direct.

Mercury’s full-blown and direct on June 22 with a shadow period that lasts until July 7. After that, it’s safe to say that it’s a relief that the retrograde period is over, and we can go back to our (almost) functioning lives (and electronics).


Both pre- and post- any retrograde period, there is what astrologers call the “shadow period”. It begins two weeks before and ends after the actual planetary retrograde. The two weeks before, feeling the effects of the retrograde as the planet’s journey progresses and it’s considered a good time to wrap up any troubling situations and prepare for the havoc that’s to come. Therefore, no buying of electronics, signing contracts, or travel as it could all go haywire. If you have little choice in these matters then so be it.

The Mercury Retrograde cycle is a good time for introspection and to become more aware of your own patterns. If you wish to take advantage of this time, you may find this book is very helpful in revealing the ways we become unconscious in our actions, and it gives clear practical steps to regain our integrity with our core. Get a journal and write down all your thoughts.

To sum up, if you work on yourself and your shadow life. Mercury Retrogrades are known to get easier (I dare say). If you are going through the same lesson without changing anything or do not resolve outstanding issues with certain relationships then be prepared for Mercury to pounce. This is not to say your electronics won’t ever malfunction, there will always be that no matter how zen you are. The point is, you must do the work though. To me, Mercury reminds me to do the work, get rest, set goals, complete tasks, and get RID of what does not serve your highest good!


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