Using Pendulums

I love pendulums! They are a necessary and versatile spiritual tool. They can be easily made of wood, metal, or more importantly crystals. They can be used to:

  • get the answers to important questions
  • communicate with your ancestors and other spirits, and more
  • find energy blocks in a home or the body

Although using a pendulum is simple, but there is an art to it that requires practice. Below are some types of pendulum uses;

Divination and Spirit Communication

For this, there are a few different ways to communicate. You can hold the pendulum over a table, ask it to show you the motions for “Yes” and “No,” then ask your question and see how it responds. You can also use a pendulum grid, which is a piece of wood or fabric with pre-printed answers on it. Depending on where the pendulum swings, it will provide the answer to your question. You can also hold the pendulum so it hangs inside of an empty glass, and ask it to show you “Yes” and “No.” The number of times it taps on the side of the glass can provide the answer you seek.

You may wish to choose your pendulum depending on the type of questions you will be asking.  Rose quartz pendulums for love queries,  amethyst pendulums for questions regarding spirituality, while clear quartz or brass pendulums are good all-purpose tools.

Identifying Energy Blocks

Pendulums are useful for spotting energy blocks in the body. Blocked chakras affect the movement of the pendulum, allowing you to easily see what needs to be cleared. To do this, begin with a  7 chakra pendulum or a  pendulum with a chakra chip chain.

It is a good idea to do some form of cleansing before/between uses/ after using a pendulum. You can do this with sunlight, moonlight, music, a singing bowl, or incense or sage smoke. Hold the pendulum over a table so it hangs straight down and can swing freely. Without moving the pendulum yourself, ask it to show you a clear energy center. When it starts to move, pay attention to the motion. Then, ask it to show you a blocked one. Note the motion.

When you have an idea of what to look for, you can hold the pendulum a few inches over the chakra points of a person’s body, and see how it moves. If the motion corresponds to a clear energy center, you can move on to the next one. If it corresponds to a blocked one, you can begin clearing it, then re-test it with the pendulum to make sure it is cleared.

Pendulum Healing

Pendulums can find areas of the body that need some extra healing energy. For healing, blue stones like lapis or turquoise can be very helpful.

As with detecting energy blocks, be sure to cleanse your pendulum before every use. Hold it so it hangs freely over a healthy part of the body first, and watch how it moves. This will give you a baseline. Then, slowly move it from one area of the body to another, and see if you notice any erratic or sluggish movements. If you do, this can indicate that those parts of the body are too stimulated or under-stimulated and in need of some energetic healing. After performing an energy healing, use the pendulum again to make sure that it worked.

Room Clearing

If your space needs to cleansed then a black tourmaline pendulum would be great for letting you know where stagnant energy is located.

For first time use, go into nature and hold it so it hangs freely. This will clear your pendulum. From then on, if the pendulum moves slowly (resistance) or erratically, then you need to perform a room cleansing.

Pendulums are simple to learn, but take time to master. Each one is different and will respond to your touch and energy differently. Take time to work with your pendulums, and you will discover a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.

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