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  • Detox and cleanse the mind, body, and spirit of negative energy is to add a pinch of Cascarilla powder to a saltwater ritual bath.
  • Put into candles, incense, and soap to release protection as they are used.
  • Protective magical circle during rituals or it can be added to mojo bags, sachets, or ritual oils.
  • Safeguard the home and cleanse negative energy, sprinkle Cascarilla powder on the floor or add a pinch to a floor wash.
  • A small amount of Cascarilla powder can be added to a bowl of water and protective symbols can be drawn on all of the doors, windows, vents, and thresholds to seal and protect the home.
  • Sprinkle Cascarilla powder in the corners of each room, closet, basement, garage, and attic to prevent negative energy and unfriendly spirits from entering.
  • It can also sprinkled in the car or any vehicle for safety and travel protection.
  • Store cascarilla powder in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. Not meant for consumption. Do not ingest. Keep cascarilla powder out of the reach of children and pets. 

To understand the background of Cascarilla click here.

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Cascarilla Pods

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