Chalcopyrite – Raw


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Chalcopyrite is a very strong meditation tool and can be assisted by many other stones. Moldavite (BE VERY CAREFUL with this stone), for example, can help with the transformation energies the Chalcopyrite carries, making a new change in your life just a little easier. Both these stones together will help engage the heart in whatever decision you start making. By activating and listening to your heart, you will be able to make the purest and most appropriate decisions for yourself and well being. When looking to enhance the psychic abilities this stone offers, we recommend using Iceland Spar (Clear Calcite). This stone works on a high vibration and will help in the connection, translation, and understanding of higher knowledge. Be sure to cleanse these enhancing crystals when using them for an extended period of time with Chalcopyrite.

Pieces are 1″-2″ in size.

Planets: Venus

Zodiac: Capricorn

Elements: Storm

Colors: Green, Yellow, Purple, Blue, Orange, Red


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