Handmade Intention Baths


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Handmade Baths 

Spiritual baths are a form of cleansing that goes beyond skin cleansing. It brightens the aura and can bring good tidings or remove bad energy. All baths come with instructions to complete your intention.

For Bath Use – Fill your tub with water, add contents into the water, and soak in the tub for 15-20 minutes while concentrating on your desire.

Please read the blog on how to take spiritual baths and the methods behind them.

Read: How To Take a Spiritual Bath

Attract Business – Draw customers to your business.

Shielding– Shields your psychic and physical aura from negativity

Speedy Recovery – Blend of herbs for mental fatigue and physical wellness.

Attraction – Fulfill romantic and platonic desires by pulling them to you

Crown of Success – For success and business

Law on my side – Legal matters

Peaceful Home – for a balanced home life

Return to Sender – returns hexes, spells evil eye

Self-love – for grace and patience with yourself

Sweet Herb – softens moods, eases anxiety

Road Opener – unblocks your path, new opportunities

Jinx Remover – Removes hexes

White Bath – Cleanses Aura, Uplifts Mood Physical Fatigue

Psychic – Helps to connect with gods, guides, ancestors, angels

Money – Prosperity, Cash, and Wealth

Go away – Separates and sends

Strength – For added energy and stamina

Seven Holy Herbs – For deepening spiritual resolve in the face of seemingly impossible circumstances.





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Attraction, Attract Business, Crown of Success, Go away, Jinx Remover, Law on my side, Money, Peaceful Home, Psychic, Protection, Return to Sender, Road Opener, Self-Love, Shielding, Speedy Recovery, White Bath


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