V-Steam Herbal Blends


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V-Steam Tea Blends

Traditional and Sacred, time-honored ceremony. Each blend is crafted to soothe.


REVIVE(Rejuvenating Blend – Perfect for intimacy) May help with lubrication, increases libido, tightens the vagina, and intensifies orgasms. 



CLEAN(Detox Blend) May help to eliminate Yeast/Candida Infection, Bacterial Vaginosis, pH Balance, Bad Odor, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Cyst, etc. Overall fresher feeling. 



SOOTHE (PMS/Menstruation Blend) May reduce cramps, regulates cycle, can tone the uterus to help purge all discharge from menstruation which will decrease dark blood before/after your period and shorten your cycle. 



NOURISH (Fertility Blend) May aid in the likelihood of getting pregnant.



TONE (Postpartum Blend) May help to purge stagnant discharge and can help tighten the vagina after giving birth. 



BALANCE (Menopause Blend) Cooling herbs, that may help to reduce the frequency/intensity of hot flashes, increase libido, and lubricate the vagina.




HEAL (Truama Blend) Cooling herbs, that may help to reduce the frequency/intensity of hot flashes, increase libido, and lubricate the vagina. 



SIZES: SMALL (3-4 Steams)  LARGE (6 Steams)

To Prepare: Bring to boil 2 tbsp of herbs in 4 cups of water. Then turn off the fire and allow herbs to steep for 5-10 min. Uncover and wait until the heat is bearable, then sit over the pot with no underwear for 20-30 minutes. Keep warm for at least 20 minutes after. I like to wrap two blankets around me.

During your steam, setting intentions or playing 741-hertz frequency music will aid your results.



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