Emotional Cord Cutting

We all are energetic beings. We born are born into energetic bonds and we make them throughout our lives. Every time we interact with people, we exchange energy. Some believe that bonds can surpass time and space, we can be tied to someone on the other side of the world or from a different time period. These bonds can be valuable while some are damaging.

The exchanges we make with others that are beneficial, can feel invigorating. While on the other hand there are interactions that are vampiristic or bring out negative characteristics. It is these exchanges that can leave us feeling ashamed, betrayed and desolate.

A lot of these bonds are formed on a subconscious level but live within your psyche. It is like a glass road block, capable of preventing you from living your fullest life even though you can see ways forward.

 When you’re ready to move forward. (Nothing will work unless you are ready). We can explore why, they were formed, how they were nurtured and how to cut these emotional cords. We can also go about setting boundaries if they have to be apart of your life. Remember the way you feel now will not always be this way.

Some techniques include mediation, breathing exercises, visualisations, EFT and letter writing ceremony.

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