Spirituality is NOT inherently good. Nor is it inherently bad. It is a tool. It is an important step in evolution. A step that has been left out of “modern scientific” explanations and theories about evolution. Most spiritualists have either been downloaded with or guided with images of past lives and sometimes other worlds. Others research their Akashic records.

I have come back many times. In those lives, I’ve been a shaman/doctor, a lawyer/politician, a warrior/soldier, a policeman, and an actor/playwright. I have been both a man and a woman and have been going at with my mother for lifetimes. Interestingly, it has resulted in my choice of majors: Criminal Justice, Scriptwriting, Intercultural/Organizational Communication, Political Science and Globalisation and Development. And through it all, I have had babas, iyas, padrinos, madrinos, papas, and various teachers. Nothing I’ve done is without a solid basis in a very long past life. Do I feel like I’ve learned my lesson?… Most of the time. :)))

Make no mistake, spirituality is WORK! You will lose sleep, maybe some hair, and definitely friends/family. It’s not an easy road. A shadowy, unpaved road of deep self-reflection and service. A lot of this work in thankless, my family and relatives sleep well at night never knowing the dangers I have thwarted. Which is fine by me notoriety is fickle. So, I am awake at 3:00 am cutting and clearing generational curses and inter-national perversion. Very unglamorous work.

So, when you see those self-care posts about a goddess reading books, incense, and a bath of roses (who’s gonna clean that up?!) it is aesthetic bullshit (don’t pardon my French). I can attest to gray hairs, red eyes, empathic body pains, and headaches from spiritual challenges and trials.

There are highs from completing trials and tribulations. However, graduation is ascension. Meaning that you have passed away this form and are now an ascended master and will not have to return here to complete anymore tasks. 

Yes, I get it, the head wraps are cute and speaking on Oshun is endearing, but there’s work to do.

May the force be with you.



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  1. WoW Tam U are an Awesome person – & I felt it when I met you I would always look to you for a reaction when we were in class listening to Yusef speak & you always seemed very calm (it kept me centered too). That’s not easy 4 most to endure his raft. I’m so apprehensive about finding out about myself the way you described your journey thus far – But yet I’m still curious because I know you have knowledge of truth… You are truly amazing girlfriend you really are.

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