Florida Water: The Essential Worker in Spiritual Work

This cologne is worldwide and hands down the most used in the arena of spiritual work. It is for baths, bath floor washes, to enhance other colognes, and to cleanse spiritual tools. I was first introduced to Florida in Miami at the local bodega in North Miami.

I was intrigued with the bottles and when I noticed a man purchasing. Boldly, I asked if I could smell the fragrance. Well! It was love at first smell. I saved my allowance and purchased a bottle. I didn’t know yet that little bottle was so controversial until my mother began questioning me. She knew the spiritual uses. She told me to put in the middle of my other beauty items because people get the wrong idea. I wish I had known to question her more…

By the time I hit high school, I started to read about Haiti, revolutions, and Vodou. Vodou led to La Regla de Ochoa. And La Regla de Ochoa led to Obeah. Throughout my devotions, Florida Water and its variations are a staple. I hardly leave the house without it. It soothes tensions, aches, repels negativity while drawing luck through raised vibrations. I can make my own, as well as keep boxes of Florida for selling and personal use. After surgery, along with doctors’ orders, Florida can keep the skin cool and ease anxiousness.

Social Lights Inc. makes Vibes Spray, Florida Water-based vibration lifter. Many clients use it at work to calm energy, at home to calm tension, or while driving to soothe anxiety. It simply gets rid of bad vibes while smelling awesome. You can purchase here https://solitinc.com/product/vibe-spray/


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