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Kananga Water

Kananga Water was created in Jamaica in the 1800s as a cologne and spiritual elixir. It is used by Jamaican and Creole cultures, as well as in Santeria, Hoodoo, and Voodoo traditions. Its main ingredient is the Ylang Ylang oil from the flower.

This fragrant water is used by some practitioners for cleansing, healing, ritual feeding, and flowering. This spirit water is often used during ceremonies for the removal of heavy energies. It is considered to be much more robust than Florida Water. It is a representation of masculine energy.

Place in a bowl of water on your altar, or use as a spray around your space, your home, and yourself, to appease your guides. Also used to clear negative spirits.

  • Unisex• Made in the USA• Not tested on animals

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• Kananga Water Cologne 8 oz.
• Packaged in Clear Plastic Bottle



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