Why Should You Pay for Spells?


This is a VERY valid question. If this is something you are capable of doing, why should you delegate it to someone else? There are also other important questions that come into play when considering spellwork.


First consideration: Experience

Do you have the experience and knowledge to carry out your spell? For example, you are working with jinns. This is advanced level training. You should not conjure things that you are incapable of controlling. The effects of calling on a jinn without experimental knowledge can be fatal. It’s best to receive training or go to someone trained to achieve your desired effect.

Second consideration: State of mind

Why are you do this spell? Are you anxious, upset, or depressed? These states of mind can cause you to do something that you later regret. Any spell work should come from a calm, level headed place. All objectives and outcomes should be clear and intentional. 

Third consideration: Is this necessary?

Impatience is a terrible master. If you do not have to, then don’t. With every spell just like anything else in the world, is an exchange, a sacrifice, PAYMENT. Unnecessary spellwork can be VERY expensive. 

An initiated; an ordained spiritual worker has spent long years, studying and mastering energies. Most never share their spells and even if they did you wouldn’t end up with the same outcome.

Storytime: There’s a lady I visit when I need certain things done. Not because I can’t do it. Her work is phenomenal and I don’t have to prepare anything but my attitude. I never ask what, she does, I only thank her for it. However, talk about outcomes! It is never longer than three days before I get the desired outcome. Even doctors need doctors, but that another discussion.

In summation, check your experience, make sure it’s up to par. Figure out why you are wanting or needing spiritual work done. Check your impatience at the door! Nothing good comes from impatience in the spiritual realm. It is never a good idea to play with energies you do not understand. 



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