Devil’s shoestring root is a common ingredient in the Hoodoo arena. It is said devil’s shoestring trips the devil so it can’t give chase. Its official name is Nolina lindheimeriana and it is a part of the lily family. Lilies in general have been a prominent feature in Greek mythology and even in Christian lore.  Please be aware that this herb is toxic. It should not be ingested or burned. But wait, the devil seems to have another pair of shoelaces, many Hoodoo texts consider Viburnum (specifically Viburnum lantanoides also known as Viburnum alnifolium) as well as Viburnum prunifolium commonly name Blackhaw) to be the primary plant referred to as devil’s shoestring. Fortunately, the magickal properties of all of these plants are very similar, so it is easy to substitute any of them.

Spiritual Uses of Devil’s Shoestring Root

  • Protection
  • Money
  • Luck
  • Employment
  • Power

I am not big on putting up the spells I use as they are secreto, but here is one I found on Original Botanica’s website

First cleanse the root with water, salt, or incense smoke.

Devil’s Shoestring is often used to create powerful protection amulets. Here are the ingredients you will need to create your own:

Several small pieces of Devil’s Shoestring root

  • A red cloth
  • A piece of black cord or string
  • Protection Oil, Rosemary Oil, or Basil Oil

Hold your cleansed Devil’s Shoestring in your hands and focus on your intention for the amulet, which is protection against negative energies and evil spirits.

Wrap the root in a piece of red cloth and tie it closed with a piece of black cord or thread, knotting it three times while focusing on your intention.

Anoint the amulet with some Protection Oil, Rosemary Oil, or Basil Oil, and recite the following protective incantation or prayer…


I consecrate this amulet with the power of protection,
that it may keep me safe from harm and negativity.


You can wear the amulet as a necklace, or carry it around with you in your purse or your car where it can continue to manifest powerful protection for you.


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